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Example's new album recorded across the world

Example has confirmed that he expects his new album to hit the shelves in November and revealed that it has been made across the globe.

The singer and rapper has been working on the follow-up to his 2011 release 'Playing in the Shadows' and he admitted that it has been something of a global affair.

The 'Say Nothing' star said that the album has been made on the road as he toured the world, with one song being produced whilst on a four-hour flight. Speaking about his new album, Example said:

"I've got a little bit more to do now and it should be done in the next few weeks and released in November."

He continued: "This album's been made everywhere. It's been made on planes and trains. I was in Australia last October doing Park Life tour and I was on a plane with Benga. We pretty much made a song from scratch on a four-hour flight which I ended up vocaling in Melbourne and then I got the guitars replayed in London and then I redid the rap in LA."




Listen to Example's latest single 'Say Nothing' below: