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Glee's new series will showcase Mike Chang's vocal abilities

Glee's Harry Shum Jr., who plays Mike Chang, has revealed that he would love to sing more on the hit U.S show and the new series is allowing him to exercise his vocal chords a little more. 

Speaking to Billboard.com, the talented dancer explained that although singing isn't something he grew up with he devoted some time to it and can now tackle melodies with ease, and wants to showcase his skills on Glee:

"I'd love to. You will hear Mike Chang sing in this next episode. It's exciting! It wasn't in my background, I was never really a singer. The show made me realize I would have to learn how to sing. I've always sang but I never sang properly. I'm lucky in that way, when I try to learn something I can pick it up. The same way dance worked for me, it was sprung upon me and I got better over time."

He also added that the new series allows the character of Mike Chang to shine and there is more of a focus on the struggles he faces at McKinley High:

"I'm really excited about the next episode where we see a new side of Mike Chang. He's going to have a big struggle over what to do, and I think a lot of kids battle that now in high school."

Watch the preview for the forthcoming new Glee episode, 'Asian F', here: