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Glee's Heather Morris: 'I used to kiss girls for male attention'

Glee's Heather Morris used to kiss her female friends to get the attention of prospective boyfriends. 

The blonde bombshell, who plays ditzy Brittany Pearce on the hit U.S. musical series, revealed to Seventeen magazine that she went through a phase of hooking up with other girls although she has always been secure in her sexuality so it was mostly to attract attention:

"Mostly for guys' attention when I was in high school. One time I did it when I was curious with a friend, but she wasn't my best friend."

24-year-old Morris also added that she would never do something like that now and would even avoid same sex kissing if she played "spin the bottle" at a party:

"[The kiss] was weird. I mean, we were both giggling. I could not imagine doing this with any of my close friends now. If we played spin the bottle one night, I would never. It'd be so weird. I couldn't."

Watch Santana sing 'Songbird' to Brittany on Glee here: