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Glee's Chris Colfer: 'I was harassed at school every day'

'Glee' superstar Chris Colfer has given hope to his fans by revealing that he was bullied constantly when he was younger.

The singer, actor and writer has enjoyed an incredibly successful career to date, but revealed to Mr Porter that his life hasn't always been smooth sailing and he endured torment throughout his school years:

"I was harassed at school every day, called ‘f****t’, I had things taped to my back. For most of my adolescence I was in my bedroom writing or watching things I shouldn’t be watching on TV, like Nip/Tuck."

"And I was obsessed with superheroes. I had this thing where I wanted to be rescued. The other kids wanted to be Superman, but I thought Lois Lane kind of had the best deal.”

Colfer recently wrote a children's book, 'The Land of Stories', and explained that he has a few more literary projects up his sleeve for the near future:

"By the end of next week - well, a bit after that - I have to write a novel. I haven't started yet. I'm not even joking."




When asked about the highlights of his time in the spotlight, Colfer added that there are two that always stand out in his memory:

"So they [Glee] invented a character for me. They created Kurt specifically. There are two experiences in my life that I just cannot wrap my head around. That's one. And the Golden Globes was the other. I just cannot believe they happened."

Watch his stunning performance of 'I Have Nothing' on Glee below:


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