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Glee's Kevin McHale: 'I can't believe there are two more seasons'

Actor Kevin McHale, who portrays the character of Artie on the hit U.S. show 'Glee', has revealed his excitement over the show's contract being renewed for another two seasons recently.

During an interview with Digital Spy at the 53rd Monte Carlo TV Festival, the star explained that he's enjoying being a part of the programme and will stay as long as the directors want him to be involved:

"To have two seasons at once is just surreal - I will play Artie as long as they want me. It's insane, every year I freak out. It just means people keep watching."

He also opened up about the recent emotionally fuelled school shooting episode, which sparked some controversy, and confessed that he was relieved it was done so respectfully after the real life massacre that took place in Connecticut last December:

"I was like, 'thank god I don't write the show', because it was an incredibly sensitive topic. They did it the best way they could. Showing up on set to film that was a very surreal experience."

"Ryan had always wanted to do an episode like that, and I think it just happened to come up months after there was an actual horrific incident that happened in the U.S. It was timely and sensitive, but I was happy it was respectful."




Watch the interview below:


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