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Green Day don't like phones at shows: 'Let's have a human experience'

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstong has criticised people who watch concerts through their mobile phones, calling for more fans to engage in a "human experience".

The singer and guitarist told the Daily Star that nothing can replicate being at a concert and sharing the moment with an attentive crowd.

The US star is the latest musician to criticise people who spend most of their time at shows filming the gig on their mobile phone or taking photos.

Armstrong said: "Social media can be a very miserable place to be. At our shows I see a lot of people holding up cell phones. You can look at a screen at home; you can look at your computer or your phone anywhere.

"You can take your picture but let's have eye contact, let's have a human experience right now you can't capture on a cell phone. Why would you want to listen to your favourite song going like this [holds arm in air] when you can just hear it right in front of you? I feel like a little more human contact is good."

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