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Jarvis Cocker ends UK tour in London

Jarvis Cocker brought his UK tour to an end last night (June 17) with a show at the London Troxy venue – during which he threatened to cane audience members.

The former PULP singer, supported by The Horrors, was on energetic form throughout the set at the venue. He leaped on an amp to dance during opener 'Pilchard', a song taken from his recent second solo album, 'Further Complications'.

"If anybody misbehaves," Cocker warned before opening the set, flexing a wooden cane, "i'll see them in my study afterwards."

As well as numbers from his recent album the singer played 'Big Julie', 'Fat Children' and 'Don't Let Him Waste Your Time' from his 2006 self-titled debut solo album, and was on chatty form throughout the set.

"I feel like I should have some ice skates on," he said, referring to the traditional venue. "It takes me back to my younger days when life wasn't so complicated. We never did any ice skating, we just stood in the middle and tried to cop off with people."

Later in the set he explained the inspiration behind 'Leftovers'. "Sex and death have some kind of relationship," he said. "This song is about looking at a dinosaur in a museum and not being aroused by the Brachiosaurus itself, but the woman looking at it."

After two encores Cocker ended his set with an extended version of 'You're In My Eyes (Discosong)' – not being put off by a fire alarm bell going off twice during the rendition.

Jarvis Cocker played:

  1. 'Pilchard'
  2. 'Angela'
  3. 'Further Complications'
  4. 'Sludge'
  5. 'Big Julie'
  6. 'Leftovers'
  7. 'I Never Said I Was Deep'
  8. 'Homewrecker'
  9. 'Caucasian Blues'
  10. 'Black Magic'
  11. 'Big Stuff'
  12. 'Fat Children'
  13. 'Hold Still'
  14. 'Don't Let Him Waste Your Time'
  15. 'You're In My Eyes (Discosong)'


Watch fan footage of Jarvis Cocker performing 'Homewrecker' by clicking below:



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