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Jason Derulo: 'Meghan Trainor bamboozled me into singing my name'

Hitmaker Jason Derulo has opened up about how Meghan Trainor came to sing his name on their collaborative song, 'Painkiller'. 

Speaking to MTV News, the heartthrob explained that she was really keen to record the part even though he 'had retired' his trademark name-singing: "She bamboozled me!"

"Her and the producer were in the room and were like ’Yeah let’s do it,’ and I’m like, ’No I’m not doing that no more, it’s retired.’ And then the intro came in and she did it and I was like, ’It’s pretty dope.'"

He went onto add that recording with her was a great experience: "She’s like a firecracker. We get on pretty well. She likes joking around, and me too, and it was an amazing experience because we actually did it differently, we actually recorded in the booth at the same time. We got to really get that synergy, we almost felt as one. I feel like you can hear that on the record, too — you can hear us laughing and joking and freestyling."

Referring to 'Painkiller', Derulo added that it's quite a heavy track: "’Painkiller’ is about how lust sometimes can help cure any pain that you want. Like a break-up. Sometimes for a moment, someone else’s company can cure anything.”

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Listen to 'Painkiller' in full below: