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Jessie J is proud of her public image

UK singer-songwriter Jessie J stopped by The Sun's headquarters this morning for a chat, and revealed some interesting tidbits on her life. 

She told the reporter that she was a classmate of James Buckley, who plays the character of Jay in The Inbetweeners, when she was at Colin's Performing Arts School in Essex and said:

"James was a right laugh. He was the naughty one with all the cheek in classes."

The 'Price Tag' hitmaker also explained that she's proud that she can be a positive influence to her fans, whom she calls her 'Heartbeats':

"I'm just proud I can be a decent influence on girls."

"As long as I am known for my music first and all the other stuff comes second, I'm cool with it."

"When my ar*e was on the front page of The Sun this week I knew I had made it."

Watch Jessie J talk about her run in with Justin Bieber's fans on the Graham Norton Show below: