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Jessie J's working on her second album

UK sensation Jessie J may have only just released her debut album, 'Who You Are', but she's already powering ahead and has confessed to having already started writing for her sophomore record. 

The 'Price Tag' hitmaker explained her progress to The Daily Star:

“For the next album, I’ve got three or four songs already written."

“People say albums should be slices of your life, but to me it should be the whole time."

She also added that she doesn't want the added pressure of time to affect her songwriting, so thinks it makes sense to continue straight on from her debut:

“I’ve had all my life to write this first album, and I don’t want to end up having six weeks to write the second."

She may be a new name to the charts and mass music audience, but her reputation has been built from the raw power of her voice live and she admits it's something she wants to spill over into her next album:

"On the next album I want to take how good I am in concert on to the record.” 

Watch her incredible performance of 'Mama Knows Best' from Saturday Night Live here: