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Jessie J hits out at press for making up stories based on her tweets

Vocal sensation Jessie J has admitted that she's tired of being written about when the content of the story has been taken out of context and twisted to suit a tabloid setting.

The hitmaker took to her official Twitter page yesterday (January 7) and posted: "I'm bored... Maybe I should get naked and smoke and take pictures of myself and post them on instagram? Or NOT... *rolls eyes*"

Following her message, the 'Price Tag' beauty was met with speculation about who she might have been referring to and so she clarified her remark by adding that it was just a general observation rather than a dig at someone in particular:

"Hahaha my TL is hilarious. My last tweet about instagram sadly wasn't an indirect at anyone inparticular. There is definately more than 1 person posting those kind of pictures. Hence my tweet."

Jessie J continued: "I will openly say the amount of pictures including men and woman nude and girls and guys promoting smoking drugs on the internet these days is a lot. Feels like the boundries are disappearing. Its become fashionable and in my opinion its too much. Call me what you want but that's MY opinion and I'm intitled to one."

The story has since caught the attention of the press and she returned to Twitter, adding:

"Crazy how the media is more interested in making a story about me BLASTING one other celebrity *when I didn't* more than the issue I raised that the internet has no boundries anymore on instagram and twitter. Must be getting real messy under that carpet huh..."

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