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Katy Perry spotted filming at Marine Corps base

Songstress Katy Perry has been spotted filming something at a Marine Corps base in Oceanside, California this week as she prepares to release her new single. 

Although she hasn't confirmed that she's working on the video for her forthcoming hit 'Part Of Me', Perez Hilton recently reported that she has spent a few days at the USMC Pendleton base camp and has enlisted the help of soldiers for the track's visuals. 

She was photographed with military personnel and can be seen sporting a dark cropped hairstyle, and took to Twitter on February 15 to curse the bad weather, which hints that she's perhaps in the middle of an outdoors project: "Rain, can ya please take a rain check today?! Kthnxbye"

Perry also confirmed that proceeds from sales of the single, which is expected to do incredibly well in the charts, will be donated to a great cause:

"My proceeds of #PARTOFME from ITUNES & others will go to one of my favorite charities for the arts, MUSICARES"




Watch the official lyric video for 'Part Of Me' below: