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Katy Perry sets fire to blue wig in new album teaser: 'We don't need no water let the baby blue burn'

Pop beauty Katy Perry has excited her followers around the globe by sharing a teaser clip for her upcoming new album, which has been titled 'Prism'.

The superstar accompanied a link to a 30 second clip with the caption: "WE DON'T NEED NO WATER LET THE BABY BLUE BURN. #ROAR."

Despite only running for half a minute, this preview shows Perry in a dark room flicking on a lighter and allowing the flame to illuminate her. The camera then pans out and she can be seen setting fire to the electric blue wig that she wore during her 'Teenage Dream' album era.

At the end of July, Perry announced the name of her upcoming new record by driving a gold-plated lorry around parts of America with the title emblazoned on the side of it. 'Prism' will be released on October 22.





Watch the powerful teaser below: