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Keri Hilson: 'I'm a diva because I fight for my voice'

Keri Hilson says the only reason she can rightfully be labelled as a "diva" is because she has to "had to fight" for her voice. 

The 'Pretty Girl Rock' singer explained to that although she doesn't make outrageous superstar demands or behave in a way that would reflect badly on her personality, she is happy to be called a diva where her vocal chords are concerned because it's been a struggle to protect and preserve them:

"I've had to fight and if I'm called a diva for fighting for myself like no one else will, then I'll be a diva. Certain situations you're put in are to the detriment of your instrument, and a lot of damage was done. Promo days are 12 to 14 hours of talking. That is very damaging."

"I had to take care of it mostly while I was recording 'No Boys Allowed.' It's been the hardest thing, just to fight for my health, fight for my instrument, my gift. They will abuse it if you let them. You have to fight. If the word 'diva' comes up around my name, it's because I'm fighting for my voice."

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