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Ke$ha: "I'm an animal for my fans"

'Tik Tok' songstress Ke$ha insists she is "an animal for [her] animals".

The 26-year-old singer's music famously revolves around the themes of partying and drinking, and she is well known for her outlandish behaviour and eccentric fashion sense.

Ke$ha has been criticised for how she portrays herself at times, but the star admits she doesn't care, explaining she'd rather treat fans to memorable performances.

She revealed: "Do you think I care for what the f****ing world says? I don’t need to be somebody else. I am an animal for my animals [fans]. I wear my own self. I believe in living my way to the fullest and performing for my animals. I know they love me. I don’t need anybody else’s love.

Ke$ha added: "Before hitting the stage, I give it a second to think where I am, what language do they [the audience] speak. I always want to make people feel good as hell. I remember one moment where for ‘Tik Tok’, we spent a lot of dollars on stage glitter ‘ejaculating’ on my fans. So I am ready to do anything for my fans."

The songstress stars in new reality series, 'Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life' and is keen for people to see another side to her.

She told "People have heard me on radio, seen me performing on stage or have seen my belly move in music videos, but that’s not all. I’m going to show a lot of other shocking parts of my life with this documentary. It is not at all glamorous."





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