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Lady Gaga vows to stamp out bullying on Little Monsters website

Lady Gaga has promised to look deeper into eradicating bullying on her Little Monsters website.

The singer originally set up the social networking website to allow fans to come together in a controlled and creative environment.

However, one user recently posted that she has been on the receiving end of constant abuse on the site. She wrote:

"Why are some people that are supposed to be promoting online kindness constantly at me?!...I can't even post what I feel on here anymore without being constantly put down! I actually can't stop crying...I've blocked people who are at me but they don't stop what am I supposed to do..."

This prompted Gaga to personally respond, with the 'ARTPOP' lady saying:

"Don't worry okay were all here for you! and ill make sure the site looks even deeper for any bullies!"

The singer meanwhile is due to open her artRave: The ARTPOP Ball Tour in Fort Lauderdale on May 4.

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