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Lady Gaga's producer says her new album is 'sonically complex'

The producer and mixtape specialist who worked with Lady Gaga on her forthcoming single, 'Born This Way', has given an exclusive interview to

Gaga revealed him as DJ White Shadow, real name Paul Blair, when she tweeted a link to the highly-anticipated lyrics for her new track and he spoke to Billboard about how he came about working with her:

"Gaga was listening to my mixtapes after someone she knew heard me DJ in a club in L.A. One day Gaga e-mailed me and asked me if I made my own beats. I said yes, sent her some, and she hit me back, this time on the phone, asking if I wanted to work with her on some stuff. I said okay."

When he was asked about her new album's title track, he replied:

"She made it. She came up with the idea, she wrote it. She is a genius. We recorded it around the world, on the road, in whatever was available. It sounds like it reads, but not like you think until you hear it"

Shadow also spent time contributing to the whole album and explained:

"Yes. I have been working on this record for well over a year. It has been awesome. Sonically it is much more complex. It's beautiful. Like a golden spaceship touching down on a rainbow runway in a field of fresh mint."

Watch Lady Gaga perform a line from her new single at a recent concert here: