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Lady Gaga pays for fan's hip surgery

Lady Gaga has offered to pay for a fan's hip operation.

The flamboyant singer recently went under the knife after cancelling a number of North American tour dates because of injury.

Gaga has since been seen in a wheelchair as she recuperates from her operation and she reportedly called the mobility aid after a stricken fan called Emma.

The Little Monster is suffering from scoliosis and hip dysplasia and she has revealed that Gaga contacted her to sort out hip replacement surgery, which she has been needing for a while. Emma said:

"Gaga herself reached out to me and is hooking me up with her team of doctors, plus others, that did her surgery in Nyc as I have been needing a hip replacement for quite some time (my left hip dislocated almost two weeks ago too.. I know, perfect timing, right?)."

The fan continued: "We're planning on flying out this weekend, all expenses paid, for a consult. She won't be there, but the gesture is absolutely incredible and I broke down sobbing immediately afterwards... Words can't describe how incredibly Blessed I am... I would like to send a Massive thank you to Gaga, her entire team, as well as [Gaga's parents] Cynthia and Joe for doing an incredible job of raising the most beautiful person I know."





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