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Lady Gaga says she is keeping Michael Jackson's clothes "pristine"

Lady Gaga has assured the public that she is keeping Michael Jackson's stage clothes in "pristine" condition.

As previously reported, the 'Applause' star purchased 55 items of the late singer's tour collection at an auction last year.

The lots, which raised a total of $5 million, included iconic pieces from his 'Billie Jean' and 'Thriller' videos.

Speaking on Ellen DeGeneres' chat show, Gaga confirmed that she is paying tribute to the late star by keeping his clothes in perfect condition. She said:

"I heard that they were auction off his tour clothes and they are my most prized possessions... [For me], the clothes that are my favourite are the ones I wear on stage with my fans. I imagine that he felt the same way. So I really wanted to preserve that for him. It really made me kind of crazy - the thought of a bunch of rich people each buying one piece and they get scattered to the winds. I thought well if I just buy them all, then I can put them somewhere nice."

The 'ARTPOP' lady added: "I would never wear the 'Thriller' jacket. But there's this one Letterman sweater that just says 'MJ' on it and a jacket that says 'Stop the filthy tabloid press' on the back. I don't go out in them, but when I'm in the studio or if I'm feeling down, I wear them because I feel like he would've been okay with that. I am taking care of his clothes. And for any MJ fan that's watching, that s**t is pristine and it's perfect."





Watch Lady Gaga being interviewed by Ellen below: