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Leona Lewis reveals sleepwalking habit: 'I'm scared I'll fall off my balcony'

Songstress Leona Lewis has admitted that she has trouble sleeping and often worries that her habits could eventually cause her physical harm.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the 'Bleeding Love' hitmaker explained that she has been known to sleepwalk in the past and she has to ensure the doors to her balcony are locked because she's frightened she might fall from it:

"I get up and basically I'll do strange things like put my phone in my fridge, or put something where it's not supposed to be. And I just won't remember doing it. It's usually at times when I'm really stressed out."

"I have a balcony, so I have to make sure my windows are locked," she added.

Despite her sleepwalking concerns, Lewis revealed that she also has dreams that inspire her musically so she takes the good with the bad: "I usually dream of melodies. When I wake up I have them in my head."

"I usually come up with things in the middle of the night because that's when my mind is the quietest. I always have my tape recorder, pen and pad by my bed just in case."




Watch her music video for 'Trouble' below: