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Leona Lewis: "Karaoke requests are embarrassing"

British songstress Leona Lewis was left red-faced when a Chinese restaurant manager asked her to perform one of her own songs on their karaoke.

The former X Factor winner values her anonymity at times - and has recalled one particularly embarrassing moment when she was recognised while enjoying a quiet dinner.

Lewis revealed to OK! magazine: "When I go into a shop, if someone who works there sees me they'll put on my song. Once I was in a Chinese restaurant and they had karaoke upstairs. I was eating my dinner and they started playing one of my songs. The manager came up and said, 'You perform, you perform, we have your song!' in front of the whole restaurant. I was like, 'Really?' No [I didn't do it], how embarrassing!"

Lewis leaves showing off her vocal talents to on stage, and even though she always impresses at her sell-out shows, the star insists her performances don't always go according to plan.

She laughed: "The most embarrassing thing for me is when I fell down a lift shaft on stage. It was awful."




Watch the video for Leona Lewis' latest song 'Lovebird' here: