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Leona Lewis: 26 year age gap when 'Drinking with Simon Cowell is like getting drunk with your parents'

'Bleeding Love' vocalist Leona Lewis has likened a night on the tiles with music mogul Simon Cowell to drinking with her parents in a new interview.

Speaking to Marie Claire magazine, the 27-year-old beauty explained that she has a great relationship with her 53-year-old former X Factor mentor, but although they enjoy each other's company, it's a bit awkward to really let her hair down with him, due to the 26 year age difference:

"He lives in an amazing bachelor pad that feels like a spaceship about to lift off. We go out for dinner and drink wine. I've never got drunk with him though; it's a bit like when you're with your parents and you're on your best behaviour!"

"We've always had a special connection. I think me being the first 'X Factor' contestant to go global was a big deal for Simon. He's supportive and makes me laugh."

She added that they often disagree on things, but admitted that she respects his opinion a lot: "We disagree a lot. At the end of the day he's my A&R guy, so he does have a certain amount of say in what goes on my record and we banter - but I usually get a result!"




Watch her recently released music video for 'Lovebird' below: