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Leona Lewis shares cruelty-free fashion guide for animal lovers

Vocal powerhouse Leona Lewis has unveiled an exciting shopping guide that explains to readers how to buy cruelty-free fashion items.

The beauty is a vegetarian and animal rights activist and created the informative handbook to show people that it is possible to be stylish and avoid animal products such as leather and fur. Lewis writes: "As most of you already know, I am a vegetarian and an animal rights activist. I don’t eat meat and therefore I don’t wear any animal that was killed for fashion or any bi-products from the meat industry."

The 'Bleeding Love' beauty continues: "Leather does not only comes from cows but many dogs and cats, distinctly, in leather from china, are used to make a plethora of leather apparel and shoes sold all over the world. [...] I realise that the chemically treated, drummed, stretched, dyed leather in that pretty pink shoe or the slouchy Topshop bag, was once part of a beautiful creature that suffered at the hands of humans."

Along with the written content, Lewis shared details of designers who steer clear of animal products and only use ethical materials in their collections.





Watch her rendition of Rihanna's 'Diamonds' below: