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Ice Cube loves improv comedy: 'I just think that's my niche'

Rapper and actor Ice Cube has confessed that comedy is something he feels he really excels at. 

The star, who is no stranger to film and is can be currently seen in a movie called 'Ride Along', told that he really enjoys improvising in scenes and has found that it comes naturally to him:

"I just think that's my niche. It's gotten easier and easier, over the years, but I think that's just me in a lot of ways. I'm able to counter."

"I'm a good counter comedian. I can just work it off with looks, or have something crazy to say back."

"It seems like there would be a long line of straight men in the world, compared to comedians, but it's something you have to embrace. You can easily feel like you're losing the scene, or you're not holding up your part of the bargain in the scene. You also can't be too funny and cancel out the great comedian you're playing with. If I support what he does, it in turn supports what I do."






Watch the official trailer for 'Ride Along' below: