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Nina Nesbitt on fame: "I would find it scary if I had people chasing me, the way they chase One Direction"

Teenage Scottish songstress Nina Nesbitt has been talking about her early experiences of fame.

The 19-year-old singer told the Irish Independent about her run-ins with the paparazzi last year:

“I was on a private break – hadn't told anybody where I was going. Then, I turn on Twitter and everyone's saying, 'you're in the paper – in your bikini!' To say I was shocked is an understatement.”

The ‘Selfies’ star also spoke about her modelling past – a career she decided to leave behind:

“I did catwalk stuff, photoshoots, what have you. It was a lot of fun – ultimately not for me. I didn't like the pressure about being a certain size, of not being able to dye your hair, all of that.”

Despite her burgeoning success Nina insisted that she is determined to stay focused on her music:

“I try not to focus on the fame side. I concentrate on the music. We're all normal human beings. It's what surrounds certain individuals that causes them to be perceived as different. Opening the paper and seeing pictures of myself is unreal. I'm sure I would find it scary if I had people chasing me, the way they chase One Direction. I wouldn't like that at all.”

Nina Nesbitt recently sat down for an interview with Pressparty.





Watch Nina singing 'The Hardest Part' below: