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Ella Eyre: 'Good music gives you goosebumps'

Songstress Ella Eyre has revealed that music is one of her main passions and she wants to create the kind of songs that give listeners the chills. 

Speaking to Capital FM, the beauty explained that it's important for her to be 'an open book' where her lyrics are concerned because she wants her tracks to be relatable and real, which she thinks is a great quality and is more effective in striking an emotional chord with the listener:

"I don’t find it hard to bear my soul, I feel like I’m a bit of an open book in some ways. I tend to be far too honest because I don’t want to just make situations up. I love it when music gives you goosebumps. That’s when you know it’s really good."

When asked what music means to her, Eyre explained that it's an otherworldly experience that engages her senses and evokes emotion like nothing else: “I think music is an expression. Something that moves you, something that makes you feel something else. That’s what music means to me."

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Watch her music video for 'If I Go' here: