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T.I. 'shocked' by 'Blurred Lines' ruling: 'The greatest of us get it wrong sometimes'

T.I. has broken his silence on the recent 'Blurred Lines' court ruling.

As previously reported, a jury earlier this month ruled that Robin Thicke's 2013 song - which was co-written by Pharrell Williams and T.I. - copied Gaye's 1977 track 'Got To Give It All'.

$7.3m (£4.8m) in damages is due to be given to Gaye's family.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, rapper T.I. said that whilst he has huge admiration for Marvin Gaye, he feels the family "got it wrong".

He said: "I found it shocking. I have an immense amount of admiration and respect for Marvin Gaye's legacy. He is to me, I mean, immeasurable in his application of his efforts, energies and talents.

"I think that even in post-demise, he still translates and is extremely relevant today. I have admiration for his estate, but even the greatest of us get it wrong sometimes. Even the greatest of us.

"And I don't think that it takes away or diminishes any greatness. It nods to the fact that we are all human, no matter how great we are or how great our lineage are or how impeccable a bloodline we may come from, we all get it wrong at some point in time. And you know, I think this is one of those cases.

"Any kind of art, creative-based business, it draws from inspiration and inspiration is intangible. You cannot say what was inspired by something and if it should or should not have been inspired by something."

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Listen to the two songs in question below: