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John Mellencamp on Taylor Swift: 'Everyone should tip their hat to her'

John Mellencamp has praised Taylor Swift after she made a stand against streaming royalties.

The singer recently penned an open letter to Apple Music to criticise their forthcoming policy of not paying out royalties on songs listened to during users' three-month free trials.

The service, which starts on June 30, later backtracked and confirmed that they would pay out.

Swift's move was praised by a number of music stars - and this now includes veteran John Mellencamp.

Speaking at the UJA Federation of New York gala recently, the musician said:

"Look at this little Taylor Swift taking a stand...Where were musicians in Jersey? In Minnesota? We didn't want to have to fight, but we have to be ready to have that fight.

"Taylor Swift was courageous, man. But where was I, for that matter? I tip my hat to her, and everyone else should too."

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