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Thursday, August 13, 2015 12:01pm ET by  
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Jess Glynne reveals that she is not really much of a party animal

'Hold My Hand' songstress Jess Glynne has revealed that she isn't much of a party animal and after she performs at gigs, she prefers to go home and get into her pyjamas. 

Speaking to Smart Water, the beauty confessed that she doesn't drink a lot of alcohol and would rather keep herself hydrated and sober as it helps her vocals:

"I'm such a bad rock 'n' roller. I would choose water over an alcoholic drink."

She continued: "Drinking for me affects my voice so much. I've been through a lot with my voice and I worry a lot about it ... I'll finish a gig, I'll get my steamer, put my pyjamas on and drink loads of water."

Glynne went onto add that her father inspires her to keep fit and she loves to take part in group sports: "My dad is obsessed with fitness to this day. He goes to the gym every single day. He goes at stupid o'clock in the morning as well. And he's 62."

"He's amazing and super healthy. Since I was a kid he's always wanted me to be an athlete, he wanted me to be in the Arsenal team. I've grown up loving all kinds of sports. I was on the football team, netball team, basketball team, all of that, I've always tried to maintain that kind of fitness."

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