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Michael Jackson mimic claims songs on new album

A session singer has claimed that he was asked to impersonate Michael Jackson’s voice for the late star’s upcoming album ‘Michael’.

Ricky Galliano, 27, claims he was involved in secretly recording 21 songs for 2000 euros a pop at a studio in Switzerland in October.

The singer is now worried that his convincing mimicry will be used to fool fans as inclusions on Jackson’s posthumous album, which has been much disputed by the superstar’s family.

Speaking to The Sun, Galliano said: "they were most insistent that I make my voice sound as much like Michael's as possible - to mimic him exactly.” 

However, bosses at Sony – Jackson’s label – dismissed the suggestion as “far fetched” and maintain that the vocals are authentic.

The album is due out December 14 and includes collaborations with Lenny Kravitz, Akon and others.

Listen to track from the album, ‘Breaking News’, below: