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Animal lover James McVey of The Vamps highlights 'therapeutic' nature of dog walking

Musician James McVey, of The Vamps fame, has revealed that one of his favourite ways to unwind is to spend time with animals - and dogs in particular

The guitarist is known for his love and support of animals, and he shared a new video promoting the dog-walking service on Twitter and opened up about the "therapeutic" nature of spending time in their company. 

In the video, he says: "Dog time for me, I think, is really important on many levels. It's beneficial from a simple exercise point of view - it's great to get out. So having a busy schedule - touring with The Vamps and making music - would normally make it impossible for me to have contact with dogs, but now Borrow My Doggy means that I can connect with dog owners, help them out and also have dog time myself."

"Every person can have a benefit from spending time with dogs, it's quite therapeutic, I think. Just sign up and do it! We did and within a couple of weeks we'd met a really good friend that I'd very much like to keep for years. So it's been nice to network with new people and I wouldn't have met them if it wasn't for the app."

Over the past couple of years, James McVey has used his fame to bring awareness to issues such as the London cat killer and also to the already well-known organisation PETA, and he recently raised money for the youth homelessness charity Centrepoint.  

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Watch The Vamps' new acoustic rendition of 'All Night' below:

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