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Noah Cyrus opens up about her debut album 'NC-17'

Singer Noah Cyrus has opened up about her debut album in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight and confessed that the title is especially significant.

The record is titled 'NC-17' and she explained that there were a series of reasons that contributed to securing that as the title: "I'm really excited. We announced the album title last week, it's called 'NC-17', it was named after various reasons. The rating, it's 2017, I just turned 17, so it's just a ton of different reasons, it's really cool."

She added: "I'm just finishing up the album. I'm really excited. I have a lot of great people that I've been working with. I've been writing on everything and I'm really excited to work with some more producers and finish everything up."

Watch Noah Cyrus performing here:

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