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Matt Terry unsure if he'll use Sam Smith song: 'It's more his vibe, but it's amazing'

X Factor winner Matt Terry has revealed that superstar Sam Smith sent a song over to him. 

He told BANG Showbiz that it's an amazing track, but he's not sure if or how he could use it just yet:

"He (Sam) didn't write it for me it's just one of the songs that's been sent over, it's amazing, really good. That's all I can say. I think it's more his vibe (than mine) but I'm sure maybe I can put a bit of me in there if we use it, so we'll see. I have no idea (when it will be released) I might use it, I might not be able to use it, it all depends, we will see what happens with it."

When asked if there's someone he really wants to duet with, the singer confessed that he would pick 'Someone Like You' sensation Adele: "If I could dream big it would be Adele I would tap up for a collaboration."

Watch Matt Terry performing live here:

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