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George Michael says 'no' to X Factor

George Michael rang into ITV's 'Loose Women' today, March 18, to talk about his charity single 'True Faith' and to clear up some recent rumours. 

He explained that he will feature in a skit during this evening's (March 18) televised Comic Relief event, and after that his single will be available:

"Sometime in the evening after that, they're going to premiere the video for my single, 'True Faith', which all the proceeds will go to Comic Relief."

"It's such an amazing, amazing charity. We shouldn't forget."

He then addressed the rumours that were started by The Sun newspaper earlier this week, after it was reported that he'd signed a £75,000 deal to star as a judge on X Factor, and said:

"I don't understand it really, I don't read the papers!"

"I think it's part of the X Factor publicity strategy, but it doesn't include me being asked!"

"I couldn't be involved in the bit where they take the mickey out of people because I did those auditions when I was 16, 17, 18 and I really wasn't a good singer at that age."

The star also added:

"I remember an A&R guy handing me back my tape of 'Careless Whisper', actually he didn't hand it back, he threw it back across the desk and said "go home and write a hit song!""

Listen to the full interview below: