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Wretch 32's camp concerns

London based Wretch 32 is basking in the success of his career following his recent hit with 'Traktor' and told The Sun's Biz Sessions that although he's excited to perform at the summer's festivals he isn't a fan of camping. 

"I'm scared of camping. I've never slept outside, sometimes I sleep in the car."

He will perform at this year's Glastonbury Festival, T4 On the Beach and at Radio 1's Big Weekend, all which are at out-of-city venues, and added, nervously:

"I never think camping is secure enough and it's not nice if it rains."

"I don't like insects and are there mice?"

The star also revealed his gratitude for where he is in his life, and compared when he first began carving out a name for himself with a mic that was falling apart to the diamond-studded one he owns now:

"I love it."

"It shows the progression I've made."

"When I was at performing on a pirate radio station, I had to stand there and hold my mic together."

"I now look at this and it makes me think wow."

His new single, 'Unorthodox', is out on Monday and you can watch the video for it below:


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