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John Legend takes song back from Joe Jonas

John Legend dealt a bit of a blow to Joe Jonas recently after asking for a song back that he'd originally written for the newly solo singer. 

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Legend admitted that he liked the track so much he had to put aside his pride and ask for it back:

"I wrote the song 'Dreams' with Joe and liked it so much as it felt like something I should do, so I asked him if I could have it back."

“He was fine about it thankfully, so it will be on my new album that I hope to put out in March next year.”

Legend is currently working on his fourth studio album and added that Kanye West is producing it:

"Kanye is executively producing it and writing a lot of songs with me."

“It’s great when we’re in the studio together. It’s creative, fun and we’re always pushing ourselves to write better, produce better, do everything better.”

Watch John Legend perform 'Green Light' here: