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Wretch 32 likens top urban Brit stars to Run DMC

Wretch 32 has likened the heavyweights of the UK urban scene to Run DMC and feels that, collectively, they're paving the way for the next generation of British hip-hop stars. 

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, the 'Traktor' hitmaker explained that British music is cut from a different cloth than that from the U.S and it's helping it to get noticed and make a significant mark:

"It’s a bit like when Run DMC started up. We’re making it better for the next generation to come through, and the Americans are embracing us (Tinie Tempah, Example, Wretch 32) too.”

"It’s not a US rip-off and the reason we are so good right now is because we’ve had to strive to be better and better in order to compete with the US stars."

Talking about the difference between the two countries' sounds, he added:

"To be taken seriously we had to be flawless and to sharpen our craft for years and years, so it’s great to be part of that. We were always talented but now we’re getting the respect and accolades from outside while we’ve created a British sound."

Wretch 32 is set to release his sophomore album, 'Black & White', later this summer in August and you can watch his performance of 'Unorthodox' with Example here: