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Tupac confession “a flat out lie”

On the eve of the late Tupac Shakur’s 40th birthday, a prison inmate and murderer Dexter Isaac confessed to being a part of a robbery which saw the rap star shot five times in 1994.  The criminal said he was paid $2,500 by hip hop mogul James Rosemond to take part in the robbery and he was confession in order to apologise to Tupac’s family.

However, Rosemond’s lawyer Jeffry Lichtan has since told the New York Daily News that Isaac’s confession is “a flat out lie”.

"Dexter Isaac is not claiming this 17 years later to clear his conscience,” said Lichtan. “He's doing it because he's told anybody who will listen he doesn't want to die in prison. He has kids and wants to work off his sentence. He can't be trusted.”

Tupac was murdered in 1996 during an alleged gang feud which also ended in the death of rap rival Biggie Smalls. Both murders remain unsolved.

Despite the denials from Rosemond, NYPD have said they plan to investigate the confession.

Check out a philosophical interview with the late Tupac below: