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Paul Rodgers "would be open" to Queen reunion for the 2012 Olympics

Paul Rodgers, the singer who has been fronting iconic rock band Queen recently, has admitted that he would consider reuniting with the guys for a special occasion although no one has asked him yet. 

Speaking to, the enthralling vocalist explained that the line up that included himself worked incredibly well and he definitely wouldn't turn down an opportunity to live the dream again especially it if allowed them to open the 2012 Olympics:

"No one's actually approached me yet. I would be open to something like that (Olympics performance), I must say. (Queen + Paul Rodgers) did great. I think we did fantastically well. We were up against potential disaster, really, and I think we really pulled it off."

"Toured the world a couple of times. Made a brand new studio album (2008's 'The Cosmos Rock'). I just didn't want to do it forever...But for something like (the Olympics), that would be ideal." 

Watch Rodgers perform with the legendary stadium rock act below: