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Sinead O'Connor takes aim at TV talent shows

Sinead O'Connor has taken aim at TV talent shows - but admits she would consider being a judge on one of them.

Speaking to Absolute Radio, O'Connor aired her views on shows like the X Factor, branding them as overly concerned with "material success". She said:

Well sadly that's the way the world is, that we're all brought up to believe material success and everything is where it's at, and the music business has gone that way, hasn't it? With all these shows, 'Pop Idol' and blah, blah. The entertainment is fantastic, but often those shows, they give this kind of thing, it's like this worship of fame, that people just want to be famous, do you know what I mean?"

However, O'Connor said she would consider becoming a judge on the shows if she was asked. She added:

"Yeah I'd consider it and I'm always amused when I watch those shows, because I think to myself 'Those poor young people on stage at those shows, like 'Pop Idol' or 'X Factor', really they want to enter into a particular world', but when they look from the stage down to the panel they should see that this is a world you don't want to enter because you're going to end up like these guys. It becomes like therapy for the panel, they're all crying over their mothers and this, that and the other, and having emotional breakdowns and arguments and beating each other up, and it's all about these famous people who have achieved what these young people are setting out to achieve. Now look at these people, get out!"




Watch the video for O'Connor's new single 'The Wolf Is Getting Married' below:


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