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Frankie Cocozza: "I think I should give up booze"

Frankie Cocozza has admitted that he should maybe give up drinking.

The former X Factor contestant told Now magazine that whilst he hasn't previously thought about giving it up, he reckons he maybe should go sober due to its adverse effects on his health.

When asked if he's thought about giving it up, he said:

"Nah. But I think I should. It's not healthy at all. I hit it hard."

When asked if his family are worried about him, he replied: "Obviously. But they've said it before - all that shit of: ‘Stop going out and getting pissed.'"

Cocozza meanwhile distanced himself from drugs, stating that he is having a good enough time as it is. He added: 

"I know how much of a big deal it is. I don't need to mix about with that shit because I'm having such a good time anyway. Not a chance I'll take them."




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