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Plan B admires Justin Timberlake's 'integrity'

British hitmaker Plan B has revealed that he looks up to 'Cry Me A River' singer and actor Justin Timberlake because he's managed to maintain his integrity despite coming from a boyband background.

Speaking to, he explained that it takes a true artist to emerge from the kind of scene that Timberlake did with *Nsync and rise to such global success because it's often easier to churn out manufactured hits and take the 'industry shortcut':

"I see other artists putting their names to complete bull***t, manufactured kind of pop music and then they want to come and be real afterwards. Well cool, they can try, but I'm not sure the worlds gonna have it."

"There's one person I think that's really gotten away with that: Justin Timberlake. He comes out in a pop band making s**t music and he's managed to show the world that he's really talented."

Referring to the superstar, Plan B added: "He's kind of got that integrity, but that's him. I don't think there are many other people with the power to do that."




Watch Plan B's music video for 'Deepest Shame' below:


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