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Amelia Lily won't disobey parents over tattoos

Amelia Lily has admitted she will probably never get a tattoo - because her mum doesn't want her to.

The 18-year-old has been wanting a tattoo for years, but it seems the former X Factor contestant has bowed down to her mother.

She said that despite begging on "hands and knees", she respects her mother too much to ink herself. Lily said:

"My mum absolutely despises tattoos. I've been begging her for the past three years, on my hands and knees, to get one. She's completely against them. As much as I want one, I couldn't do it to her."

The singer added that her parents have control of her finances, revealing:

"Well, my mum and dad are in charge of my money, I like it that way. They can keep me from not spending too much money. I don't need their permission to buy stuff but I'll tell my mum anyway."





Watch Amelia Lily being interviewed below:


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