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Sir Paul McCartney weighs in on the UK's horsemeat scandal: 'It's shocking'

Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney has admitted that he's so glad he became a vegetarian 30 years ago after hearing about the horsemeat scandal that's been spreading around the UK.

On January 16, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland found traces of equine DNA in beefburgers being sold in supermarkets across the country and since then the problem has escalated with food products from major supermarkets being recalled.

Speaking to The Guardian, the 'Blackbird' superstar explained that it's "scandalous" and "shocking" to hear about and he is so happy not to be a meat eater in 2013:

"It is scandalous, even if it's no big surprise. I don't like to preach, but I think I was right 30 years ago to change my eating habits."

"I don't think the industry will be able to regulate itself. When there's this sort of thing going on, like with the banking scandal, you do hope there'll be some regulations, so people can believe what they're told."

Meanwhile, McCartney decided to celebrate Valentine's Day this year by sharing the audio for his song, 'My Valentine'.





Listen to 'My Valentine' below:


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