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The Killers: 'Playing the same songs is like having the same dinner every night'

Ronnie Vanucci, drummer with The Killers, has revealed that a brand new album might be on the cards soon despite having only released 'Battle Born' at the end of last year.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, the percussionist explained that performing the same tracks at their concerts is "like having the same dinner every night" so it's in their best interest to maintain momentum and work on new music:

"I hope there's a new album soon. We've been working on stuff. We were in the studio just the week before last. I want to put out a new record now but it's about getting us all on the same page."

"I bring a guitar with me everywhere. Playing the same songs over and over again is like having the same dinner every night. So you want to start getting in the kitchen and experimenting a bit."

The rockers won the Best International Band prize at this year's NME Awards and you can watch them accept the prize below.





Watch the 'Somebody Told Me' hitmakers collect their trophy below: