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Brandon Flowers planning second solo record

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers is "definitely" releasing another solo record.

The singer plans to start work on a second LP as a follow up to 2010 record 'Flamingo'.

Flowers told NME magazine: ''I'm definitely gonna do another solo record at some point 'Flamingo' wasn't just me dipping my toes in the water. I really loved it. It was successful, and that helps, but I love those songs and I miss singing them.

He added: ''It wasn't something I had totally planned on, but I'm always writing songs, and I think - or, I hope - that I'm always gonna have that. So what else am I supposed to do with myself?''

The Killers are currently touring with their current album 'Battle Born'.

Guitarist Mark Stoemer admitted he is feeling anxious ahead of the group's show at Wembley Stadium this Saturday (June 22).

He said: "I don’t get nervous for any show, but if I think about this one too much, I might. We’ve seen other bands play there, and we’ve talked about it in terms of when we might be able to do it ourselves. But I don’t think I realised just how big it was. Not too many bands have done it. It’s pretty amazing when you think about where we started, all the different venues we’ve played in London. But this is the peak. This is Mount Everest." 





Listen to 'Battle Born' here: