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Backstreet Boys admit they have "mellowed out"

American hitmakers Backstreet Boys have revealed that as they've grown older in the industry they have calmed down significantly and are now more "mellow".

During their recent London Google+ Hangout, the boyband explained that they don't get aggravated by each other anymore like they used to in the early days and are all very happy working together as a group:

"The older we've got the more we appreciate each other. Our tempers don't get fired up so quickly anymore. We've mellowed out a bit."

Member Kevin Richardson added: "After all we've gone through over the years, it was really easy. We've got a chemistry and an understanding between one another… it's like riding a bike. It was easy. We get along. We like each other!"





Watch Backstreet Boys' recent Google+ Hangout here:


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