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Sir David Attenborough on modern pop music: 'It's all about sex'

Natural history legend Sir David Attenborough has given his opinion on the state of modern pop music in a rather unusual interview with Icelandic artist, Björk.

The documentary which the interview was taken from, 'Attenborough and Björk: The Nature of Music', premiered over the weekend and Attenborough explained that pop in this day and age is just "hugely sexual" and that explains why it's so popular with young people:

"Well, one thing is absolutely clear, and that is the sexuality. And as it were in classical times, troubadours singing up to their lady loves up on the balcony, 'Come and join me or let me come in'."

"But in our own culture now, I mean pop music is hugely sexual, there can’t be any doubt about that. And that is why it is so popular amongst people between 15 and 30. That’s the peak of sexuality and it’s the peak of the passion about music."





Watch a trailer for the interesting documentary below:


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