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Geri Halliwell reacts to underwhelming single sales: "God that’s really bad!"

Geri Halliwell has given her reaction to the news that her latest single managed to shift just 393 copies.

The former Spice Girl released the single ‘Half Of Me’ in Australia where she is currently working as a judge on the TV talent show ‘Australia’s Got Talent’. She also performed the track live on the ‘Footy Show’ to promote it.

Addressing the low sales figures for ‘Half Of Me’, Halliwell posted a blog entry on her website to explain her feelings.

Geri wrote: “I saw online around 11pm that my new single (just released in Australia) had come in at number #94… I laughed nervously, god that’s really bad! (Deep down I was gutted).”

The Ginger Spice star had been planning to perform the track on the final of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ but the ‘Look At Me’ singer revealed that she is having second thoughts:

“I asked myself what are my options?  (They were expecting me to perform the new single) Could I still perform the song…?  I could pretend it hasn’t happened? Denial? Hide my disappointment? Unleash the fighter...”

For her performance on the show Halliwell has resolved to “sing something that feels honest, just like home, for you and I, for all of us.”

In an acknowledgement of the disappointing number of copies ‘Half Of Me’ managed to sell, Geri graciously stated:

“To the 393 people [who bought the single] I won’t forget this magic number. Win or lose, either way, it’s liberating to put my hands up when I have!”





Watch the video for 'Half Of Me' below: