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Woman who took video of Justin Bieber sleeping speaks out

A woman who claims to have taken a video of Justin Bieber sleeping has spoken publicly on Brazilian TV.

As previously reported, a clip of the 19-year-old Canadian snoozing on a bed found its way online recently, with a mystery woman shooting the video.

Model Tati Neves has claimed responsibility and she has now taken to Globo TV's Fantastico programme to speak about it all.

She appeared coy, however, when asked if she had kissed the singer. Neves replied:

"What do you think, if I was sleeping in the bedroom, just me and him?"

The model confirmed that she slept in the same bed as Bieber after she was invited by a DJ to a party at a rented mansion in Rio.

Referring to the video, Neves added: "I was sleeping, and woke up, he was sleeping and I was speaking with a girlfriend."

Bieber's recent trip to Brazil meanwhile was fraught with even more negative headlines. He reportedly visited a brothel whilst in the country and was later charged by police for spraying graffiti on a wall.






Watch Bieber sleeping below: